Powerful Criminal Defense for Violent Crimes

Crimes that are violent in nature, like assault or domestic abuse, are severely punished under Massachusetts law. They are prosecuted to the fullest extent and place a defendant at risk of facing years in state prison or even life behind bars. If capital punishment applies, a defendant could even lose his or her life.

At McNally Law Office we recognize that such serious crimes require equally serious criminal defense counsel. Andover criminal defense lawyer Mark McNally draws upon his 37 years of legal experience, including hundreds of trials, to provide powerful defense representation for clients accused of such offenses.

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Types of Violent Crimes We Defend in Andover, MA

From our Andover law office, our team represents clients in juvenile, district, and superior court proceedings across Massachusetts related to:

In violent crime cases, a defendant may have a valid defense beyond a clear claim of innocence. A violent act that is committed in reasonable defense of oneself or another may be legally justified. Other potential defenses may include accidental conduct, insanity, lack of criminal responsibility, misidentification, or duress. A thorough analysis of all available evidence will reveal what defense strategy is most viable in your unique case.

Experienced Andover Defense Attorney

When the stakes are high, you need an Andover criminal attorney you can trust. Attorney McNally is an unrelenting opponent in the courtroom and a skilled negotiator in court hearings. You have the opportunity to experience firsthand the benefit of his experienced representation by calling our firm for a free case review. Even if you have not yet been taken into custody or formal charges have not been filed, taking a proactive approach and obtaining legal counsel could help you avoid charges in the first place.

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