I was facing jail time, so thank you again attorney McNally for helping me to remain free!

Without getting into my case and the details which led up to it I want to give another heartfelt thank you to attorney McNally who went above and beyond representing me.

He represented me for a receiving stolen property case and I believe to this day that if not for attorney McNally I wouldn't be writing this because I wouldn't have access to a computer in jail! He fought for me with professionalism and dignity. Never did I feel judged by him, he was always there to guild me, and and advise me as to what he thought would be best for me, and that's not to say he didn't allow me to make my own choices, but when I say he tells it like it is, he tells it like it is!

He is a great attorney and goes beyond doing his job, he knew that I was really nervous over the case and took the time (several times) to call me to see if I had questions or just to update me about the slightest detail pertaining to my case. That I really appreciated at the time because I knew that I was definitely facing jail time, and my nerves were raw, he helped me to calm down and look at all the strategies available to me. Like I said I WAS facing jail time, so thank you again attorney McNally for helping me to remain free!


Without Mark I don't know where I'd be.

I would not hesitate to recommend him as your attorney, I'm fortunate to have met him.
A complicated series of events led up to my arrest for domestic assault and battery. I was brought to the courthouse handcuffed and shackled. Never before had I been in a situation like this, it was a living nightmare.

Mark J. McNally was appointed my attorney. He interviewed me through a barred window and managed to calm me down from the overwhelming anxiety I was feeling. He was non-judge mental and opened my eyes as to how and why I got there. The how and why I got there was made obvious after he spoke to my accuser. When he returned to continue our interview he pointed out a few things that I was blind to and taught me a real life lesson that day.

He represented me at the arraignment and convinced the court that nothing happened, it was all a mistake. I was released on my own recognizance with no protection order. Things got complicated after that, she went back to court with a different story. The case was headed to trial. To make this long story short Mark was there for me from start to finish. He went above and beyond what you would expect from an attorney.

The case was later dismissed. Without Mark I don't know where I'd be. I would not hesitate to recommend him as your attorney, I'm fortunate to have met him.


Mark McNally was great working with and very personable. He was very knowledgeable in regards to his needed assistance. Mark was also very prompt to answer all my questions and concerns. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to others.

Raymond Moore

Best lawyer in Essex County. Went above and beyond to help me with my cases.

Thomas Mack

Highly recommend Mark McNally!!!. Very kind and compassionate while extremely knowledgeable and results driven. First attorney that I've dealt with who I felt sincerely cared about the welfare of his client rather than merely racking up hours making money!!! Great record!!!!!! Always available!!!

Deborah K

I am very lucky that Mark McNally has been my advisor and he has made a big difference for me - because of his massive education and experience - especially when it really matters. Mark McNally is the opposite of the attorney stereotype. Mark puts you first, as a person. Talk to him, make up your own mind - but I think you will agree with me.

Steven D

It is rare that you come across someone that you can feel great about writing about especially when, you are in a situation that is emotionally charged, and your mind is running rampant, swirling with what if thoughts. During times of stress the mind often is not rational, thoughts are skewed, and mistakes are more often made. During an online search I came across a generous amount of attorney names and was immediately drawn to Mark McNally. What caught my attention was that Mark's bio indicated he has 30-years of experience and that he has an aggressive defense. Typically, as we get older we gain experience, become desensitized, care less, conform to society and become less aggressive. The combination of a 30-year seasoned, veteran attorney who was still aggressive rang some bells in my head that had me thinking, this is exactly what I want and what I need. My personal struggle with the legal system for this one-time misdeed, that was 9-years ago, had proven to me that if I did not have the right person for the job, the system would pretty much follow me for the rest of my life. I had recently finished my bachelor's degree, I had attempted to apply for several jobs and had planned on going to Graduate school. The problem was that I was met with the same response every time. I lost great job opportunities and was denied grad school because of this one misdeed that was 9-years ago. Since this was dismissed I thought I was free to go. This was not the case and as Mark pointed out it would continue to follow me until it was straightened out. Mark's words to me during the consultation were "this is a slam dunk, easy case", admittedly I was nervous, but was quickly faded away through the meeting. In the end it took a month to file the motions, then a week more for a review and then it was done. In Mark's ridiculously accurate words in that "it was a slam dunk". Mark gave me back the freedom I lost and deserved back. Mark is accurate, fast efficient and true to his word. We need more like him.

Lynae C

Mark McNally was a pleasure to work with extremely knowledgeable and professional. I had a great experience with Mark and would highly recommend him.

Thank you again Mark for your services.


Mark McNally understands the legal issues, the process, and the players. I highly recommend his services! You are in great hands with Mark and your legal issues will likely be resolved favorably! -- A grateful client


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