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If you have been accused of committing a crime that is classified as a felony under Massachusetts law, you may be in danger of facing a term of incarceration that could range from 1 year to life in prison.

Massachusetts also enforces capital punishment for the most serious felony offenses. The steps you take at this precise moment in time could impact the rest of your life. Make sure you make the right choices with a felony defense lawyer by your side.

McNally Law Office provides felony defense counsel in Andover and across Massachusetts to help defendants avoid the harsh penalties and lasting consequences that a felony conviction can bring. We also offer pre-file investigations and other legal services to help those accused of felony offenses avoid formal charges in the first place.

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Massachusetts Felony Offenses & Penalties

In Massachusetts, felonies are not categorized into different classes with specific penalties enforced for each classification.

Instead, Massachusetts law specifies unique penalties for each individual felony offense. The penalties for these may range from one year in state prison to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, or even the death penalty.

The following are examples of felonies and their penalties in Massachusetts:

Heavy fines may also apply in the above examples, and a defendant may face probation and other penalties. Some felony offenses are eligible for alternative, reduced sentences. This may include a shorter term in state prison, a house of corrections, or county jail.

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